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Saturday Night Only

Make dinner plans for Saturday Night from Maucieri’s!  Dinner Special includes a Queen cut Prime Rib, Potatoes, & Veggies -$31.95 starting at 4pm.
Call 218-692-4800 to Place Your Takeout Order! While supplies last.  Pre-orders recommenced.  


Our Story

Maucieri’s. A family tradition.
Italians love what they eat. We think about our next meal before we’re half way through the one in front of us. Sure, food provides fuel, but it’s also a great excuse for families to gather, to raise wine glasses and salute the day. Growing up in Chicago, I was spoon-fed a love for food and family from my beginning. My mother learned how to cook and what to eat from her mother. My mother then taught me, my sisters and my brothers.
Watching my parents run two restaurants in the Windy City, I fell in love with the challenging pace and lifestyle. After serving in the military at Camp Ripley, I had what some might call, an Aha! moment. I would move my family to Northern Minnesota and buy a restaurant of our own. To my surprise, they agreed…
More than 30 years after that move, we opened the doors to our new restaurant ~ Maucieri’s. Built from the ground up. A dream realized.
I’m thrilled my children also have a passion for cooking and entertaining. If you get the chance, introduce yourself to my daughter Dawn. She runs the place. And you might bump into my son, Tony. He built the place. And if you really listen hard, you might just hear my wife’s laughter coming from the kitchen. At least we’d like to think so. She’s been gone since 1998, but her feisty temperament, flair for cooking and love of family permeates the very core of this place. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
While you’re at Maucieri’s, be sure to try our sauce, or gravy, as we like to call it. It has a long, mysterious history that started with my Grandmother Angelina, who was born in Abruzzi, Italy. There’s a reason her picture is the very heart of our restaurant logo. After all these years, we haven’t changed her gravy a bit. Try as you might, we won’t give away her secret. The good news is, we’ll make it for you any time.
You’ll also want to sample our handmade Italian sausage. Another family recipe. The spice is subtle, yet somehow it delivers an “upside the head” kind of punch. You’re gonna love it.
Next time you’re in the neighborhood or in a hurry, stop by our deli for made-to-order pizza and sandwiches. We also offer prepared salads, soups, pastas, deli meats, hand-made sausage and frozen pastas.
We welcome you, our guest. While you visit Maucieri’s, eat well, drink good wine and enjoy your time with friends. Let us know if there’s anything we can do.
Now, as they say in Italy, Mangia! Mangia!
All the best,



34650 County Rd 3
Crosslake, MN 56442


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